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We offer excellence in dance instruction for preschoolers through adult. Join us for ballet, tap, jazz, modern, worship, world dance and more!

Our highly trained teachers, excellent curriculum and years of experience ensure that your dancer receives the best instruction and a solid technical foundation in the arts.

Our most important mission is to help each dancer learn the lessons of dance: discipline, confidence, hard work, passion and creativity. We do this by partnering excellence in education with an encouraging and nurturing atmosphere.

Come join us and see why we’re the right place to start or grow your dancer’s education!

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Four Reasons Dance is the Perfect Activity for Kids

1. Dance makes kids smarter. According to a study in 2011 by the President’s Committee on the Arts and the Humanities, there are “strong and consistent links between high-quality arts education and a wide range of impressive educational outcomes.” But we knew that already. Our dancers work their brains and not just their bodies in each and every class — counting beats, learning patterns and reversing them, using the left and right sides of their brains colla
boratively, memorizing combinations of steps, communicating story and emotion through movement…the list could go on and on.  Check out this article on Psychology Today for more info on why dancing makes you smarter.

2. Dance provides a creative outlet. In dance class, the imagination can run wild. One moment we’re bears clambering through the woods, the next we’re fairies leaping over a dewy meadow, then we’re sneaky spies slinking over and under and through an obstacle course. At Graceful Expressions, creativity is at the heart of what we develop in our students.

3. Dance builds genuine confidence. No matter how much natural talent a child has, at some point early on in their dance study, they will learn that the only way to success is to work hard and stay focused. When they see the results of their own hard work, they build genuine confidence. For some kids learning math or learning how to read might come easily, but for all kids mastering the pirouette takes time and effort. The slow, steady progress of dance class is counter-cultural in our instant gratification, high-tech world. Kids learn that things worth doing don’t always come easily, but the results are worth the perseverance and hard work. That is when real confidence and skills for life are built.

4. Dance is good for your body! Stretch and strengthen your muscles. Push your cardio limit in short bursts great for building a strong and healthy heart. And learn to do it all with poise and style!

Join us at Graceful Expressions and watch your child soar! We have a wide range of classes for preschoolers through adults and for those looking for once-a-week exercise through pre-professional dancers. Click here to see our schedule of classes that are registering now.

No classes on Labor Day

Enjoy your time with family today, Monday, September 1st. The studio is closed and will reopen on Tuesday, September 2nd.

Studio Open House – August 9th

You're invited to join us at the studio Open House on Saturday, August 9th from 10:00am - noon. This event is for current dance families as well as those who want to learn more about Graceful Expressions. Join us for coffee, dance activities for the kids, and enter a drawing to win free dance classes! Current families may also pick up recital DVDs or portraits. We'd love to see you!